With the anniversary of this Administration quickly approaching here are multiple choice answers to questions you may have always wanted to ask:

1. How would you characterize the Marcos Presidency of the last 9 months?

  • Well travelled.
  • Busy, busy, busy.
  • A stealth Government.
  • What you hear is not what you see.

2. What is the greatest achievement of this Government so far?

  • A 32 million electoral mandate
  • A pivot back to the U.S.
  • A Presidential couple so in love.
  • Let me think.

3. Greatest failure?

  • Wasting a 32 million mandate
  • Not minding the store.
  • Lethargy.
  • Corruption.

4. What advise would you give this Administration?

  • Stop aiming for home runs, focus on hitting singles.
  • Good governance is not about good policy but the execution of good policy.
  • Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Do the hard and dirty work that goes into building a nation.
  • Walk the walk, not talk the talk. Humanize our economic problems as in inflation is not an economic number, it is one less meal a day for many Filipinos.

5. What are the falsehoods of this Government?

  • The Maharlika Investment Fund is the silver bullet that will save this nation.
  • Presidential trips bring in billions to the country.
  • A Php 14 trillion national debt is “manageable”. I estimate the interest on this debt is some 12% of our National Budget, larger than the budget allocations of all departments except possibly DepEd’s; and growing faster.
  • Economic growth will wipe out our debt.

6. What are the memorable quotes of this Administration, (more or less)?

  • “The Philippines will grow its way out of debt. There is no need to sell Government assets like PAGCOR and NAIA”- DOF Sec. Diokno when he assumed office (In 2022 we grew by 6% but so did our debt by almost Php 1 trillion).
  • “The Maharlika Fund is the best thing since sliced bread and it is all the President’s idea.” – Our economic managers.
  • “The Maharlika Fund presented by our economic team is a mess.” – Rep. Stella Quimbo, co-author of the revised bill, when presented with the first draft.
  • “P20/kg rice is just around the corner.”

7. What have you always wanted to ask but never did?

  • How has our economic growth helped the poor?
  • What does the President’s Private Sector Advisory Council really think of the Maharlika Fund?
  • What does the President do during and after office hours?
  • Who is running the country?

8. What is the greatest risk to our nation?

  • Climate change and drugs.
  • A Presidential family dynasty.
  • The Maharlike Investment Fund (MIF).
  • The loss of our institutional  checks and balances; the politization of our economic managers.
  • An uneducated population.

9. What will the Philippines look like in 2030?

  • A nation of over 120 million barely educated, barely healthy Filipinos.
  • A sovereign debt approaching P20 trillion equivalent to today’s GDP.
  • A country with deadly heat and destructive storms.
  • A nation where clean water could cost more than gas.

10. What does the Philippines need most now?

  • Much less corruption.
  • A more vocal private sector.
  • A working leader with an economic strategy.
  • A few people to be hung from a lamp post.
  • Prayer.

11. What can our young look forward to?

  • A call center job.
  • A green card.
  • Getting drunk on weekends.
  • Not much.

12. What do we tell our children?

  • Suck it up
  • Choose your leaders well, be engaged.
  • Care for your countrymen.
  • Good luck

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